Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Services in Lake Wales, Winterhaven & Frostproof, FL

We’ll get your carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout sparkling again

When you hire the professional cleaners at B&B Carpet Maintenance to clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout, you’re doing more than just improving the appearance of your home or business—you’re also extending the life of your floors and improving your quality of life.

When your floors or furniture start showing some of the normal wear and tear of everyday life or you’ve got some seriously stubborn stains that need removing, call the expert carpet cleaners at B&B Carpet Maintenance in Lake Wales, Frostproof & Winterhaven, Florida. We’ll save you the time and trouble of doing it yourself and get your home looking brand new again.

5 Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleanings

  • Prevent injury: Hiring professionals means you won’t have to worry about moving furniture out of the way and back again.
  • Decimate dust mite infestations: While not usually allergic to dust mites themselves, many people have an allergy to the body fragments and feces they leave behind in your carpets. Steam cleaning effectively kills living dust mites by exposing them to extremely high temperatures and removes the contaminants they leave behind.
  • Prevent mold growth: Dirty carpets can be an extreme mold hazard, especially when located in a high-humidity space or environment. Moisture can be introduced to your carpet from spills, accidents, and from tracking rain and snow indoors. A professional cleaning finished with powerful drying tools eliminates the risk of mildew and mold growth.
  • Improve air quality: While regular vacuuming will removes allergens and contaminants sitting on the surface of your carpet, a professional cleaning will remove those hard-to-reach allergens that have worked their way deep into your carpets. The resulting improved air quality will make breathing easier for those of us with asthma and allergies.
  • Eliminate trapped contaminants: Every day, we track dirt, mold and other contaminants into the house and onto our carpets. Walking on them not only drives the pollutants deeper, but also releases them into the air where we can breathe them in. Remove those pollutants with a professional carpet cleaning service and leave your family breathing easier.

B&B Carpet Maintenance Inc. services the following locations in Florida: Davenport, Winter Haven, Bartow, Frostproof, Haines City, and Lake Wales